What is RoboThink?

RoboThink offers fun and exciting Robotics, Engineering and Coding programs

where  engineers, tinkerers and builders of all ages can explore the exciting world of STEM! Check out our awesome programs below.


The RoboThink Robotics program is a hands-on learning experience where students can design and build robots of all shapes, sizes and functions!


Breathe life into your robotics hardware by programming it! RoboThink makes it easy and fun for students of all ages to learn programming!


Build, Code, Play!

RoboThink offers a variety of fun and educational STEM programs throughout the year. RoboThink's unique and patented robotics kit with our themed lesson plans fosters budding engineers, scientists and programmers.

After School

Learning doesn't stop after 3PM with RoboThink! Every after school program is filled with fun and educational projects in robotics, coding and engineering. WIth hundreds of unique and engaging lesson plans, kids will never get bored!


Summer and Winter Breaks just became STEM-TASTIC! Half-day and full-day camps are available with each day bursting with robot battles, line-followers and evil robot overlords. Okay, no evil robot overlords but you get the point.


We provide fun and challenging robotics and coding workshops to schools, libraries, park districts, and community centers to get students excited about the exciting world of STEM.

Enroll today and see the RoboThink Difference 

Congressman Bob Dold

"RoboThink teaches students how to think about robotics... to use their hands as well as their minds"

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