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RoboThink helping kids learn to code worldwide

RoboThink Goes Global Helping Kids Learn To Code Specializing in coding lessons, game design and robotic fun, RoboThink has recently expanded into Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Portugal. In this article, we’re going to discuss the rising demand for high-quality and fun coding lessons and why many countries are now focused on helping kids learn to code.

International Locations For Coding Lessons

Due to the growing demand  for children to learn to code from an early age, from parents, teachers and even major government officials, RoboThink is proud to announce that we have now expanded to 150 countries including Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Portugal.

So, let’s take a look at why coding lessons are becoming so popular!

Singapore: Singapore has always highly valued education and invested heavily in extracurricular activities. With influence from Japan, China and South Korea due to its location, Singapore has a growing demand for high-quality coding lessons and STEM education. Seeing how Japan and China are already introducing AI into daily life, Singapore is on a mission to upgrade their approach to education and especially in relating to coding lessons. By teaching the next generation the basics of software development and robotic engineering, the country will have the upper hand when it comes to developing tech and becoming a digital-first society. In fact, in a recent article designed to encourage and inspire parents with fun things to do with their children, coding lessons and STEM activities were frequently recommended.

Saudi Arabia: With AI and technology ready to transform the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and Royal Phillips, there is no doubt that parents will be looking to empower their children through coding lessons and robotic engineering courses. Not only will it enable the next medical professionals to work alongside AI with ease, but it will also give students more career opportunities in the future.

Portugal: A potential hotspot for digital and AI innovation, sun-kissed Portugal recently welcomed news that Munich-based cloud PBX provider NFON AG is set to open their newest R&D offices in Portugal. With plans to open a new state of the art facility in September 2021, the company will bring with it highly-skilled developers. Why Portugal? Well, local universities have been investing heavily in preparing the students for an AI and machine learning future for a long time. Focusing on STEM education, the country hopes to provide high-skilled graduates ready to support local startups and international industry leaders within the new AI and robotic industries. No wonder there is a growing demand for high-quality coding lessons across the country.

Children Want To Learn To Code & Build Robots

Help your little one learn to code at this crucial age by exploring our online collection of coding lessons and game design or robotic engineering courses. Each lesson has been carefully created to inspire and engage young minds and help them to grasp the basics to learn to code like a pro. Since building robots can be extremely fun, interactive and a creative activity, most children thrive during coding lessons, and actually want to learn how to code and design systems and robots. If your child is already showing an interest in technology, it’s time to explore this future career path together.

If RoboThink is yet to bring coding lessons to your country, you can still take advantage of our interactive online coding lessons here.





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